February & Valentines Gifts For Her

February is almost here and it's time to think about that romantic or friendship Valentine's Day gift for that special person in your life!
February & Valentines Gifts For Her

February is here and it's time to think about that romantic or friendship Valentine's Day gift for that special person in your life! Valentine’s Day is when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts and here at Natalie Rochelle we have a vast range of jewellery gift ideas to choose from, whether they be simple hearts or more personalised charms.

February is represented by the beautiful birthstone, Amethyst. This is a rich purple quartz and a blend of violet and red coloured gemstone and is said to contrast the cold and dark winter nights of February for many people around the world. The name comes from Ancient Greek, meaning intoxicated. Ancient wearers believed the gemstone would protect them against drunkenness. Here at Natalie Rochelle check out our beautiful February birthstone jewellery, including a selection of birthstone bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which incorporate this beautiful Swarovski stone


Red Garnet Earrings

With red being the colour for valentines day theme you can also find these pieces of jewellery available in the beautiful red garnet. Red is the colour of blood and fire, and because of this it is closely associated with passion, desire, and romance. There have been studies done, and they show that red can actually create physical effects like elevates blood pressure, feeling of deep romance, increased breathing, higher levels of enthusiasm, energy and increased confidence. These beautiful red Swarovski crystal pieces of jewellery would make the perfect valentines gift for her!



Red Garnet Necklace


Heart Charm Jewellery

Heart Charm Jewellery

Alternatively, what would be a better way to celebrate Valentine Day than by giving your loved one a heart themed gift! We have a variety of heart stacking bracelets, rings and necklaces to choose from in either sterling silver or gold. The heart Charm is a classic symbol of love, passion, femininity and sensuality which represents power and guidance, intuition and truth, hence 'listen to your heart' and 'follow your heart'.

I Love You Stacking Bracelet

Heart Charm Bracelet

Trio of Hearts Bracelet Stack

Trio of Heart Stacking Bracelet

Our beautiful TRIO of hearts stacking bracelet set would make a perfect token of love, including three different sterling silver heart charms 

Sterling Silver Personalised Loves Stacking Bracelet

Personalised Loves Stacking Bracelet

Or how about adding a more personal touch by adding to initials together along side this beautiful heart beaded bracelet 



Lastly, February also celebrates the two zodiac signs: Aquarius -January21st - February 19th and Pisces 20th February to March 20th

Why not celebrate a February birthday or valentine’s day with a gorgeous Star Sign charm bracelet

While Aquarians are Pisces very different in character, they show various common traits and they are both clear and honest communicators. They are also extremely creative.

Personalised ‘Aquarius’ Silver and Gold Bracelet with Horoscope Charm

Aquarius Zodiac Bracelet

The Aquarius symbol is used to represents water flowing equally and the two planets Saturn and Uranus. This means the Aquarius has two personalities, one governing rules and tradition and the other showing a more rebellious side.

The Pisces symbol is of two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing fantasy vs reality. By wearing such symbols and stones the wearer can feel more connected and such jewellery can bring good luck, protection and empowerment.

Personalised ‘Pisces’ Silver and Gold Bracelet with Horoscope Charm

Pisces Zodiac Bracelet

Whatever your loved one’s birthstone or horoscope may be, I’m sure they will love wearing our classic designs here at Natalie Rochelle.

We hope you find that perfect token of Love or friendship for Valentine’s day or any other February occasion her!

Best Wishes, Natalie

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