Beginners Guide to Stacking Bracelets

If you are worried about whether you can pull off the stacked bracelets look, don’t worry as it is very easy with this guide
Beginners Guide to Stacking Bracelets

Stacked and layered jewellery has dominated the world of fashion for the last few years and is still a trend that looks like it will around for a while. Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe once said less is more, he couldn’t be more wrong. This year, the stacked jewellery trend is about stacking bracelets to the max and not just a last-minute gift for a loved one, even though we are sure they would love just one of our bracelets.

Layering jewellery is an easy way to express yourself with different styles and combinations. Anyone can pull off the stacked bracelets look as it is all about your individual style as well as showing off your originality and personality.

If you are worried about whether you can pull off the stacked bracelets look, don’t worry as it is very easy. We have created this easy layering guide for you to follow.

Stacking Bracelets for Beginners
If it is you’re first time stacking bracelets, we recommend starting with simply layering a couple of bracelets that share a common theme or size, such as trying stacked beaded bracelets while playing with different colours or adding bracelets with smaller charms.

To start with, before layering both wrists we recommend sticking to layering one arm. If you have a wristwatch and wear is regularly that is fine, but remember it counts as a piece of jewellery, but when it comes to stacking bracelets, it acts as a bracelet too. So, if you do wear a watch, use this arm as a starting point, and see what types of bracelets look great next to it.

Stacking Bracelets from Natalie Rochelle

Stacked Bracelets and Mixing Materials
When it comes to layering your bracelets, you really don’t need to play it too safe. In fact, the best way to get that boho stacked bracelets look is to bring together different colours and materials. If you wear your bracelet stacks with the right attitude you can pull anything off – whatever suits you, just mix up yellow gold and white gold or add a braided leather cuff with some chain bracelets.

Stacking Bracelet Rules
The basic rule of thumb, if you’re going for a stacked bracelets look, you might want to avoid wearing too much other jewellery, especially stacked rings. And if you’re layering bracelets on both arms, wear fewer than you normally do if you were just wearing them on one wrist.

With this 2021 jewellery trend, you can get away with wearing anything, especially when it's the boho stacked bracelets look. Good luck and we are sure you will look amazing no matter what

Natalie x

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